A sensory experience that positively impacts our minds as much as our bodies.

The popping of the cork.

Bare feet on grass.

Your waiter walking towards you, hands full.

The smell of the oven door opening.

It’s a sense of pleasure.

Feels good doesn't it.

Café culture without the 45 minute wait

Born in the cafés of Melbourne,
Shelby’s Healthy Hedonism is a celebration of food gratification.
That there is nothing wrong with enjoying the pleasurable tastes in life.
We made our bars delicious first.
With thought out, real ingredients.

Shelby’s Healthy Hedonism.

The pure pleasure of food.

You can checkout Shelby’s at all Woolworths, Australia wide.

It’s the tastiest snack in the healthiest aisle.

To get Shelby’s Healthy Hedonism on your shelves,
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